Florida Fire Marshal Supporting Texas Counterparts

Florida's Chief Financial Officer and State Fire Marshal, Jimmy Patronis, says he spoke to Texas State Fire Marshal Chris Connealy this week.

The CFO of the Sunshine State says he has offered the Lone Star State the full support and resources of Florida’s fire service community to assist with Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.

Patronis said his office knows recovery is measured not in days or weeks, but in months and even years, and Florida is prepared to support Texas recovery efforts for the long haul.

As waters slowly start to recede in Texas, CFO Patronis says he is also offering the full resources of Florida's insurance fraud investigators.

Those investigators are trained to combat scams that are common following natural disasters, such as rampant unlicensed contracting and fake FEMA representatives who attempt to charge for assistance with the filing of federal flood insurance claims.

In addition, CFO Patronis and Texas Fire Marshal Connealy say they have forged a partnership to allow Florida officials to participate in Texas' future after-action activities. 

This partnership will offer Florida a unique opportunity to learn valuable information about successful disaster recovery strategies and strategies that could be improved upon for future storms.

Patronis observed that Hurricane Harvey could easily have hit Florida, and he believes the Sunshine State can learn a great deal from its Texas counterparts.

He says that what Florida learns from Texas could prove to be of substantial benefit when the next storm comes to Florida shores.


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