Florida Helps Out after Hurricane Harvey

As Harvey has pummeled Texas, the Lone Star State has called for help ... and Florida is among those who have answered.

Colonel Curtis Brown, with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, says some of his people are already on the scene

"On Friday, we deployed 25 troops to head over to Beaumont (and) Louisiana, that's where they are now," he said. "And they're currently conducting rescue operations with Texas Parks and Wildlife, and Louisiana Fish and Wildlife. We're all working together there."

More help is on the way, too. 

100 FWC officers with 50 more boats are arriving in the flood zone, for starters.

It's not just the Fish and Wildlife Commission that's helping out, either. 

Florida is sending help in the form of firefighters to assist with swift water rescues. 

Utilities, such as Duke Energy, are sending crews to help restore power as soon as the weather and flooding conditions clear enough to permit that to happen.

Blood bank OneBlood says it is preparing to send blood supplies to Texas to offset any potential spike in the need for blood donations.

Even a Volusia County animal shelter has begun taking in dogs that have been lost or displaced by the storm.

Officials across the state are saying Texas will be getting any help Florida is in a position to give.

The people responding to the requests for assistance are working to make sure they don't add to the stress on already over-strained systems.

The crews heading to Texas from Florida are making sure they've packed enough gear and consumables to be self-sustaining, without tapping any of the resources Texas will need for its own people's relief.


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