Obituary: State Senator Greg Evers

A panhandle politician who did his best to reform the state prison system has died in Okaloosa County at the age of 62. 

Greg Evers was killed in a one-car crash this week.

Evers was a strawberry farmer from Baker who spent 16 years in the Florida Legislature. 

He was outraged that inmates were being killed behind bars and was a thorn in the side of the Department of Corrections.

"We're tired of reading about an inmate that expired on our watch, and the blood's on our hands," he said of the subject.

Evers was also a staunch defender of gun rights, and sponsored a bill that would have allowed concealed carry at public schools.

Evers made national headlines last year by sponsoring a raffle on Facebook for a semi-automatic weapon.

The raffle posting took place just a few days after the massacre at the Pulse nightclub.


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