Florida Magnetic Lab Sets New Record

The National Magnetic Laboratory in Tallahassee just reclaimed the record for the world’s strongest resistive magnet. 

Doctor Mark Bird at the MagLab says it happened during the eclipse when their newest magnet reached 41-point-4 Teslas... beating previous records set in China, France and the Netherlands. 

"We've got the new record and we expect this one will stand for a while," he said. "We think it'll be difficult for the other labs to catch us."

It took more than 2 years of research and development to create the magnet they call "Project Eleven." 

That's an homage to the 80's mockumentary Spinal Tap ... where the knobs on the amplifiers went all the way to 11.

Officials at the lab say scientists are lining up for the chance to use that new magnet for their research.

The lab is located on the campus of Florida State University.


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