Halloween Horror Nights: Scares, and a Farewell

Beginning September 15, Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights will bring its expected fare of Haunted Houses, along with the delightfully unnerving "scare Zones" scattered throughout the park.

"Scare zones" are walkways and common areas of the park where Universal's scare-actors stalk guests as their prey.

This year, these street experiences are being called The Festival of the Deadliest. 

Two of these scare zones will be populated by characters from the movies Trick 'r Treat, and The Purge.

Altars of Horror is a scare zone which will feature scare actors from the park's Haunted Houses ... all of them out for an evening stroll.

In the scare zone dubbed Invasion! guests will find themselves confronting Creatures From Another World, bent on the domination of this one.

All of this, of course, makes for the perfect night out for the adrenaline junkie in the family.

But it's also a year when Universal will ring down the final curtain on one of its most popular live shows.

"Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure," a delightful and relentless parody of all things current and pop culture, will be wrapping up its record-setting run at Universal Orlando.

The show arrived on scene the first year Universal Orlando  hosted Halloween Horror Nights, and has been a fixture there every year since.

This year, fans can expect a most excellent farewell tour for Bill and Ted.


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