Florida Prisons on Lockdown

Florida has 151 correctional facilities and a total of more than 97,000 inmates.

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, with few exceptions, those inmates are all on lockdown.

The FDC said the lockdown had to do with a "no visitation" order issued this week.

Officials said the inmates were not being confined to their cells, but the lockdown affected recreational and educational programs.

Corrections officials said in a news release that they had announced the cancellation of weekend visitation at all Institutions for Saturday, August 19, and Sunday, August 20. 

That cancellation included all major institutions, work camps and annex facilities.

Authorities noted that, in response to what they deemed credible intelligence indicating that small groups of inmates at several institutions may attempt to disrupt corrections operations and impact safety and security, the corrections department had canceled all visitation statewide. 

Officials said the cancellation does not apply to work release centers, and they hoped to resume normal visitation as soon as possible.

Authorities said the decision was made in an abundance of caution and in the best interest of staff, inmate and public safety.


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