Practicing for Cyber Attacks

The state technology office and the Florida National Guard teamed up this week to fight cyber-hackers. 

This time it was only a drill, but chief technology officer Eric Larson says the job never ends.

"There are constantly new tools and techniques to exploit systems that are developed every day," he said. "So, that's why having these types of exercises keeps us prepared to deal with those threats as they occur."

This is may have been a drill, but it's more than an exercise for Florida's I-T experts.

State government in Florida has just about all of your personal information stored on its computers. 

Eric Larson says that's a tempting target for cyber-criminals... and his job is to make sure they can't get it. 

The state's I-T experts will spend the rest of the week in a series of drills and exercises... preparing for a major cyber-attack.


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