SAW Comes To Halloween Horror Nights

The SAW series, one of the highest grossing horror film franchises of all time, makes its return to Halloween Horror Nights, bringing its most terrifying traps to life in an all-new original maze opening at Universal Orlando Resort, beginning September 15.

That's the promise made by Universal Orlando, which is warming up to the opening of this year's Halloween Horror Nights.

The movers and shakers at Universal say that, based on the Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures hit horror film franchise, SAW: The Games of Jigsaw will bring to life the scariest game yet In this all-new maze.

Universal says guests will come face-to-face with the work of master craftsman Jigsaw and a collection of his most infamous traps from the Saw film series ... and upcoming eighth installment JIGSAW. 

The eighth film of this powerhouse franchise is scheduled to hit theatres on October 27.

Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights is considered by many horror aficionados to be the ultimate Halloween event. 

For more than 20 years, guests from around the world have visited Halloween Horror Nights to, in the words of Universal creative team members, "become victims inside their own horror film."

The streets for the event are transformed into highly-themed scare zones where menacing "scare-actors"  lunge from every darkened corner. 

Multiple movie-quality haunted houses are erected throughout the event, based on everything from iconic slasher films to hit horror television series to haunting original stories.

Universal is promising that additional details about Halloween Horror Nights will be revealed ... soon.


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