Florida Brewery Seeks Zombies

A brewery in Jacksonville is looking for people who are motivated, enthusiastic, and who are able to look like the living dead.

Basically, Anheuser-Busch Brewery says it needs zombies.

The brewery has put out a hiring request for as many as 60 people who can dress and play the part of the undead as part of its month-long "Haunted Brewery" event.

Most of the work is in various areas of the brewery, including a live-action event called the Hopocalypse.

That event appears to combine laser tag and a live-action zombie hunt.

The work of being a zombie, wherever in the Haunted Brewery it happens to be, pays $10 per hour per scheduled work night, according to the brewery's webpage.

Brewery officials say they will hold auditions on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through September 22 or until they have all the walking dead they need for the event.

Proper attire is requested for the auditions... in this case, graveyard casual .. but those who can't scrape up the costumery can always arrive in their civilian clothing.

Interested Zombie-wannabe's will need to register at  hauntedbreweryzombie.youcanbook.me.

People interested in the event, which starts September 29, can learn more at https://thehauntedbrewery.com


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