Scam Warning from Florida Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court is so concerned about the number of judicial scams going on that they've taken the unusual step of issuing a formal warning to consumers. 

It's only the second time they've done that.

Court spokesman Craig Waters says there's one targeting Spanish speakers in south Florida... telling them they have to pay up or go to jail.

"We had one man who was on chemo and received a phone call from someone saying he was being investigated and he had to pay money to stop the investigation and keep from being arrested," he said.

There's a scam aimed at health care workers and another that targets people after a death in the family. 

There's even a jury duty scam. Some scammers even use caller ID gear that makes it appear as though the calls are coming from the clerk’s office at the Supreme Court. 

Waters says the courts will never ask you for money by phone or e-mail. They have other ways to make contact.


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