Accidental Shooting at Orlando International Airport

A federal agent boarding a flight in central Florida caused a bit of a stir, and found himself with an embarrassing airport story to tell.

According to Orlando authorities, the man accidentally shot himself in the foot while at Orlando International Airport.

Police say the agent, from Kansas City, was in the process of unslinging a shoulder bag near an airport checkpoint when the bag caught his holstered weapon.

Authorities say the snag caused the weapon to come free, and that caused the agent to try and catch it before it hit the ground.

According to incident accounts, as the agent was trying to grab the weapon, he accidentally pulled the trigger and sent a round through his own heel.

Officials say the spent slug was found a few feet away from the agent.

Police said the agent's injuries do not appear to have been serious.

He was treated at the scene, but taken to a local hospital as a precaution, according to airport officials.

Authorities said nobody else was harmed.

Authorities confirmed that airport operations were not interrupted.

Officials with the TSA say that federal agents are permitted to fly armed.


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