SpaceX Falcon Heavy Could Launch in November

The next evolution in rocketry for the company SpaceX could come thundering to life in November.

That's according to an Instagram post from SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk.

Musk posted that the heavy-lift rocket would have its maiden launch this November.

The post was accompanied by an artist's concept of the rocket lifting-off from its launch pad.

According to SpaceX, the Falcon Heavy will be the most powerful expendable launch vehicle since the Saturn-class rockets of the 1960s.

As this SpaceX concept video shows, the launch could be a breath-taking affair.


The Falcon Heavy is also key to plans SpaceX has for tourist flights to lunar orbit and back, as well as heavier commercial satellites.

The test launch of the Falcon Heavy had been set for this summer, but that date slipped into early autumn.

Musk has said that he's not expecting an extraordinary performance from this booster on its first flight. 

His methods tend to be those of getting data top improve the vehicle on subsequent flights, rather than setting the bar too high for the first flight of new technology.

But there are signs that Musk is also preparing for a best-case with this test flight.

The vehicle will consist of a core stage and two side-mounted boosters, with all three outfitted for a controlled landing.

The launch is targeted to take place from a pad at the Kennedy Space Center, while the smaller single-core Falcon 9 rocket launches are moved to facilities at Cape Canaveral.


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