Governor Endorses Investigation of Shark Video

Florida's governor has issued a public comment in the wake of a video showing a shark being dragged behind a boat until the fish literally broke apart in the water.

In a letter to the Chair of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Rick Scott described the video as "incredibly disturbing," and the actions of the people dragging the animal as brutal and disrespectful. 

It was an action that Scott said he found personally sickening.

Scott's letter then went on to bring praise and a strong endorsement of wildlife officials who were investigating the video and the people responsible for the behavior.

Scott said "the brave men and women serving our state as FWC law enforcement officers have a longstanding history of protecting Florida's natural resources, and I applaud their hard work in swiftly investigating this hateful act."

The FWC Chair responded with a statement of his own.

Brian Yablonski said that he, as well as the men and women of the FWC "could not agree more with Governor Scott’s powerful words."

Yablonski said that each and every member of the agency "is disgusted by the behavior shown in the video."

He said that the FWC Division of Law Enforcement investigators were working diligently to come to a lawful resolution in this case.

Yablonski added that "there is no place in Florida for these kinds of callous acts."

Governor Scott asked the FWC, in the aftermath of this episode, to review and strengthen regulations as necessary to help deter this type of behavior in the future. 

Yablonski said they looked forward to cooperating with the governor's office on that request, and getting to work on it.


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