UCF Releases 'Active Shooter' Video

The University of Central Florida is rolling out a new training video.

Officials say the goal of the video is to prepare the campus community for the worst-case scenario of an active shooter.

According to the university, the video uses the Run, Hide, Fight advice created by the City of Houston and supported by the Department of Homeland Security to show viewers how to think and act quickly in the event of an emergency.

The video opens with the frank caution that it contains graphic content.


University officials say the video is being shown at new student and faculty orientations, and it will be shown at departmental meetings, emergency trainings, and campus events.

The people at UCF stress that the video isn't meant to scare viewers.

Authorities say the idea is to provide viewers  with simple and self-explanatory steps for survival in worst-case situations.

Officials say it's also a reminder to students and staff to always be vigilant about their personal safety. 

The ideas spelled out by the video are ... if you can escape a dangerous situation safely, then run. 

If you cannot escape, find a place to hide and shelter-in-place. As a last resort if you cannot run or hide, fight for your life.

UCF officials say the video is a collaboration among the UCF Police Department, the Department of Security and Emergency Management, and UCF Communications and Marketing.


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