Florida Roundtable

Florida Roundtable

A one-hour news and public affairs program providing in-depth discussions of state, national, and international events affecting the state of Florida.Full Bio

This Week: Flu Shots, Holiday Recipes, Gifting, Saving and Spending Tips, LT. Dan Kenda

This Week: Candle King, Cops Direct, Holiday Concerns, Pet Safety, WWII Museum

This Week: Florida Covering Kids & Family, Astrology, CHUMLEE, Autism Society and Back to Work!

This Week: Flu/Covid Shots, changing Chemo treatments, Minority Businesses, HBO celebrates 50 years!

This Week: Life after Mastectomy, Public Health, TEAL Pumpkin Project, Disability Inclusive Workplaces

This Week: HHS, Selfless Love, LLS, BUMBLE BFFs and Dense Breasts

This Week: Khaliah Ali, Temple Grandin, Medicare Scams, Teacher Shortages

Khaliah Ali, Temple Grandin, Medicare Scams, Teacher Shortages

This Week: Hearing Loss, Breast Cancer, Workplace Discrimination, Autism, Family Values

Dr. Charles Sophy

This Week: Lifeboat Project, Brain Injuries, Diverse Blood Needs, Teen Suicide and Dupe Detectives

This Week: Asian-American Culture, Puerto Rico Post Maria, Insomnia, Hell Of A Cruise & What If? 2