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The White House defends $6 billion bow to Iran

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We'll talk live with one of our fine Accu-Weather meteorologists and give you the very latest on Hurricane Lee and its impact on our beaches, as well as the threat the storm poses to northern New England and Nova Scotia, Canada.

Is the race for the Republican and Democrat presidential nominations over?! It's looking more and more like it, especially when you see the latest Quinnipiac poll that's just out. Trump and Biden are more dominant than ever! I'll analyze the numbers and pose this question to you: if it is all over and we'll be looking at a 2024 rematch between Trump and Biden, how do you feel about that, and who do you think would emerge the winner, and why?

All aboard the Biden Trainwreck Express, as I give you the latest inflation numbers which are not good!

And, we'll hear White House spokesman John Kirby try and defend the indefensible-that prisoner swap with Iran that includes a $6 billion dollar gift to the worlds foremost sponsor of terrorism! Wait until you hear what Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has to say about that!

Hey, how'd you like to be able to give yourself a 25% pay hike?! Lotsa luck with that one, right? Well, that's exactly what the Orange County Commission has just done-they've voted themselves 25% raises, and given one to Mayor Jerry Demings! Whaddaya think about that?! My take and yours, here on the 50,000 Watt Front Porch!

We'll dive deeper into the fascinating findings of the latest Quinnipiac poll on the president race and the issues Americans care about most, as Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O'Neill drops by for a chat.

I'll have a Biden impeachment inquiry update for you. Among the items we'll discuss:

Is Trump behind Speaker McCarthy's decision to order the impeachment inquiry that has the Democrats and the White House up in arms?

What's in this letter the White House has fired off to the media in response to the House Republicans decision to open an impeachment inquiry against President Biden?

And, I'll let you hear the fiery response from the Chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus to a reporter questioning whether Republicans have any evidence against Biden!

Olsen on Law with Alan and Attorney Tom Olsen-today's topic: Are prenuptial agreements enforceable in Florida and who should use one?

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