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Good Morning Orlando

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We will never forget

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Join us for our special 9-11 edition of Good Morning Orlando, as we look back on the terrorist attacks 

22 years ago on September 11th, 2001 and ask you: where were you on that horrible day, and what do

you remember most? We'll also have our remembrances to share, and we welcome yours, by calling

407 916 5400, using our text line, 23680, or recording your thoughts using our Talkback feature as you

listen to us on your smartphone.

We'll talk live with one of our expert Accu-Weather meteorologists about the latest predictions for Hurricane Lee. The storm has weakened some, but will it still turn away from Florida, and will it stay far enough out to sea so our family and friends up north avoid a direct hit from Lee?

We'll share memories of the September 11th terrorist attacks, and we'll bring you a powerful 2-minute presentation that captures all of the nightmarish moments, but also the reassuring words from then  President George W. Bush as he addressed the nation, and then stood on a pile of rubble at Ground Zero in New York City, bull horn in hand, and promised that the terrorists would hear from America before long, which they definitely did!

We'll catch up with the Republican presidential candidates on the campaign trail, highlighted by the rousing reception for former President Trump as he attended the Iowa-Iowa State football game! Other candidates were there, including Governor DeSantis, but no one fired up the crowd like Trump did! I'll also have the latest polls for you in Iowa and nationally.

We'll have the latest developments in the ongoing political border wars, including the prospect of a "Remain in Texas" policy, and the tough new DeSantis campaign ad focused on the border crisis and titled "Stone Cold Dead". You'll hear the ad and we'll talk about it!

It's Open Mind Monday, and, as always, you're welcome to sound off on the topic of your choice, but we'll give special priority to your remembrances of the 9-11 attacks of 22 years ago.

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