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Nicholas Cage as Superman and Paul Simon's hearing

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The director of the upcoming movie "The Flash" is revealing a major cameo. Andy Muschietti announced Nicolas Cage will make an appearance in the film as....Superman. This comes after Cage was cast in Tim Burton's "Superman Lives" in the '90s that never made it to the big screen. Michael Keaton will also reprise his role as Burton's Batman. "The Flash" hits theaters on June 16th.


Just one letter brought a nine-day Jeopardy champion's reign to its end. Ben Chan misspelled his answer during Final Jeopardy by writing "Beatrice and Benedict" in a category of "Shakespeare's Characters." The correct spelling was not Benedict, but Benedick with a "K". Fans on social media were upset but Chan was a good sport, telling the show afterward that "if you're going to go out on a miss, go out on a memorable miss."


Farewell to the "Queen of Rock and Roll". The legend, the icon, Tina Turner has died. She first gained fame in the 1960s with her husband Ike as part of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue. The chart success of the group hid the physical abuse Turner suffered from her husband, which she later revealed. Tina broke through to her greatest stardom after the release of her "Private Dancer" album in 1984. The album generated the top 10 hits "Better Be Good To Me" and "Private Dancer," as well as the number one smash "What's Love Got To Do With It." which was also the name of her 1993 bio-pic. According to her representative, Tina Turner died peacefully yesterday after a long illness. She was 83.


Paul Simon says he may not be able to perform live again because he has lost most of the hearing in his left ear. The 81-year-old singer-songwriter says he noticed the hearing loss while recording his new album "Seven Psalms" that came out this month. In an interview published Saturday in the UK "Times," Simon said he thought the problem would pass, but it hasn't, so he may have to rule out live performances. He added that's not necessarily a bad thing, because sometimes he feels "like a Paul Simon cover band," and that it's time to get off the road.


At one California school, the hills are alive with "The Sound of Music" but not the sound of goosesteps.The Academy Award-winning musical is based on the Von Trapp family who lived in Austria during the rise of Nazi Germany. The principal of Rolling Hills Elementary School in Fullerton decided to remove scenes that included the Nazi storyline, including props with Swastikas and students saying "Heil Hitler." Some parents say the play is historically accurate and should not be altered. Others say the content is too serious for 11 and 12-year-old children.


Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is now the owner of a lip balm stick previously used by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Greene placed a winning bid of 100-thousand dollars for the lip balm Tuesday during a GOP fundraising auction held at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington. She placed the bid only after McCarthy upped the value of the item by offering a visit with the winner's donors and supporters. The 100-thousand dollars is being donated to the National Republican Congressional Committee.


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