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DeSantis chimes in on Trump possibly being arrested

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Former President Trump has predicted he'll be arrested Tuesday in conjunction with a grand jury probe into how he managed alleged hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels. So, I ask you, what happens if Trump is arrested? Will it rally his base and propel him toward the Republican nomination for President in 2024? Will his supporters answer his call for them to protest against his arrest, and if they do, will the protests be peaceful, or will they turn violent? Would the first ever indictment of a former U.S. President cause Trump backers to turn away from him and start looking for another candidate to support, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis? Speaking of DeSantis, I'll let you hear some very interesting comments he just made about Trump and the legal action against him in New York. If you thought DeSantis would use this opportunity to score political points against Trump for their anticipated showdown for the GOP presidential nomination, I think you'll be quite surprised! Is DeSantis playing this right, or missing the boat? Yet another question we will consider on Tuesday's edition of Good Morning Orlando!

I'll delve into our Florida Legislature File for the latest on key bills being debated in Tallahassee. First, a bill to ban abortions when a fetal heartbeat has been detected about 6 weeks into pregnancy has passed its first Senate committee and appears to have a lot of support moving forward. Under this proposed legislation, some exceptions would be allowed, and we'll debate whether these exceptions should be included in the bill, or not and whether a 6 week abortion ban is best for Florida, or not.

Also, we'll discuss what I'm billing as "The Great Pronoun Showdown"! This has to do with setting rules for what pronouns can and cannot be used in Florida schools as we move forward in a world where some boys think they're girls and some girls think they're boys! Are our elected officials just showing their socially sensitive sides, or are they being paralyzed by political correctness and wokeness? Let's talk about it!

Local State Attorney Monique Worrell's office has just dropped all charges against the prime suspect in last year's killing at a Jones High School football game, claiming there's not enough evidence to get a conviction. What's going on here?! Was there lousy police work, or do we have another example of a soft on crime George Soros funded state attorney giving a troubled teen a break? Let's talk!

Also, the Orlando City Council has just approved a new package of measures aimed at making downtown Orlando safer at night. I see nothing city leaders have approved which will further that goal in a significant way, and we'll talk about it!

Newsradio WFLA White House Correspondent Jon Decker joins us with the latest on the Moscow summit meeting between Russian President Putin and his Communist Chinese counterpart President Xi . The two dictators are obviously out to try and knock the U.S. off our pedestal as the world's only superpower, and Putin is desperately looking for military help in Russia's unprovoked war against Ukraine.

Olsen on Law with Alan and Attorney Tom Olsen- today's topic: What you need to know about small claims court.

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