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Should there be cameras in School zones to catch speeders?

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We'll probe the depth of anti-semitic hatred as Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood talks about the death threat made against him in an online chat room populated by people who despise Jews. That person will face charges that could land him in prison for years. You'll hear Sheriff Chitwood talk about what's fueling the growth of hate groups here and across the country, and we'll debate whether it's possible to stop the haters before they kill, given the First Amendment freedoms they enjoy.



We've all seen drivers who speed through low speed school zones. It's illegal, and sometimes it's deadly, but I'll tell you about legislation taking shape in Tallahassee to nab more of these school zone speeders using cameras. Will it work? Let's talk about it!


I've been a strong supporter of U.S. aid to Ukraine as it fights gallantly against the unprovoked invasion by Russia. On this morning's show, we'll talk about where Governor DeSantis and former President Trump stand helping Ukraine. It turns out they're luke warm at best. I'll tell you why I think they're wrong and we'll see whether you agree with me...or with them when it comes to U.S. policy on Ukraine.


Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O'Neill joins us to focus on all the recent close calls the airlines have been having lately and what can be done to make flying safer than it now appears to be.

From the Budman's Believe It Or Not file comes news that the U.S. Treasury Department is turning over "suspicious activity reports" on the Biden family to House Republicans. I'll explain why this could be big trouble for President Biden, his son Hunter, and other members of the Biden family who have grown rich with shady business dealings with the likes of Communist China and Ukraine!



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