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Good Morning Orlando

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Even MORE classified documents found in Biden's home

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 As still more classified documents are found where they shouldn't be, we're not the only ones asking the tough questions about President Biden.

This morning, we're talking about whether the documents will be the political death knell for Biden, whether they will cause him not to run for a second term, or to lose if he does. And, we'll ask whether the President is involved in a coverup, which as President Nixon, who resigned over the Watergate coverup would tell you, can be worse than the crime...much worse. And, by the way, being negligent in the handling of federal classified documents IS a crime!

 We have two entries in our Central Florida File:

I'll have the latest on the city of Orlando's plans to make the downtown entertainment district safer...plans I've told you before are off the mark and won't stop the violence!

Believe it or not, Walt Disney World has found the limit to what people are willing to pay! They're canceling some Summer bookings for their super pricey Starcruiser Galactic hotel family Star Wars experience because of low demand. Sorry, Mickey, but $6,000 for a family of four to spend two nights might be just a little too, steep! Time to cut the price, and then continue doing it throughout your theme parks until your product is a whole lot more affordable than it's been in recent years!


I'll have the scoop on Governor Ron DeSantis' newly announced Teachers Bill of Rights. And, you'll hear the Governor defend his decision to cancel a high school advanced placement course on African-American studies, because he says it's too much about indoctrination and not enough about legitimate education!

You'll hear Vice President Kamala Harris edit the iconic words of the Declaration of Independence during a her Florida speech on abortion in which she blasted the pro-life movement and made the word "life" disappear from the phrase "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Was this an accident? I think not! Let's talk about it.

We'll talk more about the 76-year-old Florida woman now charged with first degree murder for shooting and killing her terminally ill husband at a hospital in Daytona Beach. She reportedly did it because he was too weak to shoot himself, and as part of a deal they had made for her to kill him if his condition deteriorated too far, after which she would take her own life. Ultimately, she told police she couldn't do through with committing suicide. So, we ask you...what is justice in this case? And, does this case scream for Florida to pass a "death with dignity" law where terminally ill patients can ask for and receive medication to end their lives?

Olsen on Law with Alan and Attorney Tom Olsen-today's topic: Can a hospital put a lien against your home?

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