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Wokeness strikes back at Disney

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We'll talk more about Disney's surprising change at the top as Bob Iger is back in as CEO and Bob Chapek is out! We'll discuss what changes can we expect in the troubled entertainment giant that's Central Florida's biggest employer, but which has been losing billions of dollars of late and seen it's stock price drop some 40% in the past year. Under Iger, I'll explain why you can expect to see more political shots fired in Disney's woke wars with Governor DeSantis, and why you can expect to see the LGBTQ lifestyle promoted even more heavily than it is now in Disney movies.

3 entries in our Florida File:

The Republican's likely House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is vowing to throw Democrats Ihlan Omar, Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell off some key committees!

A New poll shows Governor DeSantis closing what had been a wide gap with former President Trump!

Have you heard the song "Sweet Florida"? It was written for and about Ron DeSantis, and if he decides to run for President, count on :Sweet Florida" becoming his campaign theme song.

I think it's terrific and we'll play some of it for you!,vid:iuWx8hCMw-o

From the Budman's Believe It Or Not File, I'll tell you about the scariest idea the airlines have ever come up with to cut costs and fatten their bottom line-commercial flights with only a pilot in the co-pilot to take over in the case of emergency! YIKES! Would you be willing to fly in that situation...or not? Let's talk about it!

Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O'Neill drops by to tell us about the drop in oil prices and what it's likely to mean for the price of gas at the pump and the price heating oil for our friends in the frigid north country this Winter. Then, Rory sticks around to gauge the growing threat of a national railroad strike and what that could mean for the economy.

Olsen on Law with Alan and Attorney Tom Olsen: today's topic- do you have to leave something to your spouse when you die?

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