Good Morning Orlando

Good Morning Orlando

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Trouble for Trump?

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We'll talk about all the trouble for Trump and whether his enemies are closing in on him and may be successful in destroying him politically and/or financially.

Here are some of the late developments that will power our discussion here on the "50,000 Watt Front Porch" :

Don't miss Friday's edition of the "Looney Left File" featuring a fiery exchange in Congress between a left wing member of "The Squad" and the CEO of one of America's largest banks. And, the incredible claim by lefty Stacy Abrams, who's running for Governor of Georgia. You'll hear her say that any sound you ever hear of a baby's heartbeat 6 weeks into a pregnancy is a fake- that's it's manufactured by pro-lifers trying to deny a woman control of her body !!

Lots of political news to talk about, including word that Joe Biden's Orlando rally, set for next Tuesday, will not include Democrat Senate candidate Val Demings! Wait until you hear her lame excuse for blowing of the President of her own party! And, I told you the Republicans were going to be unveiling their "Commitment to America". Today's the day, and I'll have a preview for you, along with my idea for the perfect slogan the GOP needs to run with if they want to win control of the House and Senate in the November election!

Be with us for some great news all Americans can celebrate as Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O'Neill drops by to tell us about the significant drop in cancer deaths in this country!

We've been hearing about the possibility of a hurricane threatening Florida next week, and we're watching as powerful Hurricane Fiona bears down on Bermuda. We'll have the very latest

information on twin trouble in the tropics, as one of our top flight Accu-Weather meteorologists joins us live.

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