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Beer on the road and Nyquil chicken

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James Bond producers are looking for a new actor to play the legendary character that will commit to the franchise for at least a decade. Variety reports the search for the new double-oh-seven is still in the "early days." For a while, it seemed it was all leading to actor Idris Elba taking over the role, but he recently said he doesn't see Bond when he "looks in the mirror." The producers said most young actors think they want to be Bond, but don't realize it would be no shorter than a ten to 12 year commitment.

An iconic home on the Jersey Shore known for its devotion to Frank Sinatra is up for sale. The house in Point Pleasant Beach named Seascape is listed for four-point-four-million dollars. Neighbors and regular summer visitors know the house for playing Frank Sinatra's hits, especially when longtime fan and Sony music chairman Paul R. Smith retired from his post in 1999. Smith has since died but his family has carried on the tradition of playing songs like "Fly Me to the Moon," "Summer Wind," and, of course, "Doo bee doo bee doo."The more than 36-hundred square foot home has eight bedrooms and a covered wrap around porch.

A Florida highway is shut down after a collision flooded the road with beer. Yesterday morning, a semi-truck packed with Coors Light smashed into several stopped vehicles on Interstate 75, north of Tampa, causing a chain reaction of accidents. The semi-truck was demolished, and the Coors Light exploded all over the highway and nearby cars. Thousands of cans littered the streets and the accident backed up traffic for hours before the road was reopened. Authorities say that the occupants of the truck only sustained minor injuries.

The FDA is warning TikTok users not to try a recipe that has gone viral. It's for NyQuil-marinated chicken, or as it's also known, "Sleepy chicken". The feds say it is dangerous and potentially deadly. The FDA says cooking the medicine makes it more powerful and can change its properties. They add that inhaling the vapors during the cooking process can cause lung damage. In addition, the TikTok recipe calls for an amount of NyQuil that's much larger than the recommended adult dose.

A new whiskey hitting store shelves is inspired by some heavy metal legends Blackened American Whiskey is announcing the second release in it's "Masters of Whiskey Series." It's a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. called Blackened x Wes Henderson. During finishing, the whiskey undergoes a sonic enhancement process in which the finishing barrels are pummeled by the low hertz frequencies of the music of METALLICA. The sound waves cause vibrations that shake the finishing barrels, causing greater interaction between the whiskey and the wood, thereby extracting more flavors and color. The new whiskey has pear, raisin and cinnamon scents with a slight taste of pear, honey, chipotle cinnamon, vanilla, walnut and--everybody's favorite-- barn hay.

A Colorado man got quite a surprise when he ordered some screen mesh from Amazon. Don Thompson just wanted to repair his damaged screen door, but instead ended up with a .20 gauge shotgun. The 78-year-old reached out to police whose preliminary investigation revealed the gun was stolen. Amazon doesn't sell firearms, but the tracking number Thompson received for his initial order did match the one on the box containing the shotgun. Amazon said it was also investigating the incident and credited Thompson for both the cost of the screen mesh and an additional 250-dollars for his troubles.

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