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Adam Levine cheats and Paris Hilton rewards

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What better way to celebrate Christmas than with a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn? Neil Diamond is set to release a special Christmas album. It's a compilation of the greatest songs from four of his best-selling Christmas albums. "A Neil Diamond Christmas" can be pre-ordered at

More women are coming forward and accusing Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine of cheating. Instagram model Sumner Stroh exposed the singer on Monday, showing messages from their alleged affair, including one where Levine asks if he can name his upcoming child after her. Now two more women have come forward with screenshots of explicit messages between themselves and the Maroon Five front man. In a statement released yesterday, Levine denies having an affair but did admit he crossed a line with Sumner Stroh. This news comes just days after Levine's wife Behati Prinsloo announced their third pregnancy.

A man in England has set a Guinness World Record by having a drink at 67 different pubs in a single 24-hour period. 22-year-old Nathan Crimp was accompanied by a pair of friends. He said "The plan was to try and keep it sober for the first 25 pubs, but that went out the window 15 pubs in. I had to mix it up a little bit, I tried to drink alcohol in one and non-alcoholic drink in another -- trying to space it out". Guinness rules required Crimp to have a drink at each pub and collect evidence including receipts and witness signatures. He said, "The hardest part was constantly having to go to the toilet, which took up the majority of the time."

Paris Hilton is offering a reward for her missing dog. The media personality made the offer Monday on Instagram in an emotional account detailing that her beloved chihuahua, Diamond Baby, went missing last Wednesday in Beverly Hills. Hilton wrote that she was on a photo shoot while in the process of moving and speculated that a mover must have left a door open. Hilton said there will be a big reward for her pup's return and no questions asked. In the meantime, she says she's hired a pet detective, a dog whisperer, a pet psychic and is now looking into--quote "dog finding drones."

Ticket stubs from Michael Jordan's NBA debut could bring in a lot of money at auction. Bonhams expects them to go for up to 300-thousand dollars. The tickets date back to October 1984 and both point out it was Jordan's first game. Bidding wraps up September 29th

David Rush, the man who has broken nearly 250 Guinness World Records to promote STEM education, is up to his old antics. What did David do this time? He rode a unicycle for more than 30 miles while juggling. Rush said it was about four years of preparation and six months of serious preparation before he was ready to officially tackle the record for farthest distance traveled on a unicycle while juggling. Rush rode 123 laps around a track -- 30.74 miles -- before making a mistake while juggling, ending the attempt. Still, his distance was more than twice the previous record, 12 miles.

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