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The Queen's funeral

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Be sure to join us for the latest on the escalating border battle ignited by Governor DeSantis flying those 50 illegal immigrants up to Martha's Vineyard. Biden and Democrats are coming unglued, threatening legal action, accusing our Governor of being cruel and heartless..and worse. On our show, you'll hear what DeSantis is saying, and Charlie Crist as well. In the meantime, here are some links to catch you up all that's been going on while you've been enjoying your weekend:

Two entries in Monday morning's Good Morning Orlando Florida Politics File:

*Hillsborough County's State Attorney Andrew Warren, suspended by Governor DeSantis for cherry picking what cases he will prosecute when laws are broken, and what ones he won't, will be in a Florida courtroom this morning trying to get his job back. We'll talk about how this courtroom drama is likely to play out.

*I'm on the e-mail list of a lot of politicians and I just got one from Republican Senator Marco Rubio, crying the blues about his re-election campaign against Democrat Val Demings. I want Rubio to win this race. The Republicans need him to win it if they hope to capture control of the U.S. Senate. That said, I thought Rubio's e-mail pitch was pathetic, and I'll tell you why and ask you what you think!

We'll talk about the tragic death of a local youngster whose rowing team was out on Orlando's Lake Fairview late last week when the boat was apparently struck by lightning. While there are many things we still don't know, I think it's not too soon to ask why the crew team from the North Orlando Rowing Club was allowed to be out on the water when thunderstorms were in the area. Our news partners at FOX 35 17 lighting strikes in the Lake Fairview area around the time the boat was hit! When are we going to learn our lesson and give lightning the respect it deserves and make sure everyone, especially kids who are supposedly being supervised, are safe...whatever it takes?!

The funeral for Britain's Queen Elizabeth will be in progress while we're on the air Monday, and Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O'Neill will be with us live

to paint the word pictures for us.

It's Open Mind Monday...time for you sound off on the topic of your choice by calling 407 916 5400, texting to 23680, or creating your own commentary using our Talkback feature available to you on the iHeartradio app!

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