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Good Morning Orlando

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DeSantis defends flying illegals to Martha's Vineyard

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We'll have the latest on the escalating border battle, and we'll hear from Governor DeSantis as he defends his decision to send illegal immigrants from Florida to Martha's Vineyard in ultra liberal Massachusetts.

Key Democrats like Biden, Charlie Crist and California Governor Newsom are up in arms over what Desantis is doing, even though their policies are responsible for the open border that's caused the flood of illegals into this country!

President Trump has just gotten the Special Master he wants to look over all the documents seized during the FBI raid at Mar-A-Lago. We'll have that story that broke Thursday night.

We'll have our first look at one of the three proposed constitutional amendments that will appear on the Florida ballot in November. Amendment 3 would expand the homestead exemption for certain groups of Floridians, but not everyone, and that's why I'm recommending you vote NO on Amendment 3.

With President Biden throwing almost a billion dollars of our taxpayer money at developing electric vehicles, we'll have a reality check on EV's, from what they cost, to how long it takes to charge them up when the battery is low, and how much those batteries cost when you haver to replace them.




We'll hear from President Trump, who says even if he's indicted, which I fully expect will happen, that wouldn't keep him from running for President in 2024. Would you vote for him if he were under the cloud of an indictment? Do you think he could still win in that scenario? Let's talk about it!

We'll hear from Governor DeSantis' opponent, Charlie, "Mr. Nice Guy" Crist, sounding desperate and nasty!

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