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Brittany Griner sentenced to 9 years

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We'll talk about Governor DeSantis' "major announcement" his office said would trigger the "liberal media meltdown of the year"! It turned out to be the suspension of Tampa based State Attorney Andrew Warren for cherry picking which Florida laws he would enforce and which ones he wouldn't. Apparently the final straw for the Governor was when Warren pledged not to prosecute any violations of Florida's new law prohibiting most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. We'll hear from DeSantis, who has my support on this, and we'll tell you what State Attorney Warren is saying in response to his suspension.

A court in Russia has just sentenced American pro-basketball star Brittney Griner to 9 years in prison for bringing an illegal drug into their country. She's admitted her guilt, and while the sentence seems much too severe to me, I say you do the crime, you serve the time! President Biden is outraged and demanding Griner's release. The only way that's going to happen is if Biden agrees to a prisoner swap that would free notorious Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who's serving a 25 year prison term here in the U.S. Do you think Biden should agree to a swap to free Griner? I don't. The price for her freedom is much too high in my view. Let's talk about it, and see what you think!

Have you been following the trial of the infamous Info Wars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones? For years Jones has called the Sandy Hook school massacre that killed more than 20 young children a hoax staged by actors! He's the focus of a $150 million dollar defamation lawsuit filed by the parents of one of the victims. Jones has suddenly changed his tune in court and admitted the massacre actually happened. Will he get off the hook? God, I hope not. Jones has caused so much pain to these grieving families. He has stretched the limits of our First Amendment freedom of speech way beyond all reason, and remains what I've long considered him to of the most despicable people ever to speak into a microphone! Our Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Nicole Wilson joins Alan and me to discuss the latest developments in the Alex Jones trial, which is now in the hands of the jury

5PM THURSDAY UPDATE: the jury has just awarded $4.1 million dollars to one of the families who lost a child in the Sandy Hook school massacre Alex Jones has called a hoax. That's far short of the $150 million they had demanded...but Alex Jones' legal troubles are far from over! Join us Friday morning at 7 for the very latest.

Hey, it's only about 4 1/2 months until Christmas and America's high tech manufacturers are getting ready to unleash a whole slew of tantalizing electronic gadgets on American consumers. Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O'Neill is ready to play Santa's helper and let us know what's in the works!

Yeah, we're a news talk radio show, but all of us on Good Morning Orlando are sports fans, so please humor us as we wrap up the week talking about two intriguing sports stories:

*Everyone agrees that the long time voice of Dodger baseball, the late Vin Scully is the greatest baseball announcer of all time. But who else deserves to be on the Mt Rushmore of baseball play by play men alongside Scully? I've got my "Big 4". Who's on your list? Let's talk about it!

*Breaking news! Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers has just admitted that using a drug that is seriously illegal in the U.S. helped him enjoy the best season ever in his Hall of Fame career!  Is Rodgers going to be in trouble with the NFL over this...or not? Join us for the latest and let us know what you think!

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