Biden Yells, DeSantis Brags! State of the State!

The annual 60 day session of the Florida Legislature kicked off Tuesday with the traditional State of the State address by the Governor, in this case a wide-ranging, powerful and generally well received speech by Governor Ron DeSantis. I listened to it all and we'll play some of the highlights for you. As you would expect, DeSantis gave the state high marks under his leadership, but we want to know what you think, so during our show, be sure to vote in our one word texting poll, which is:

Here's a link to the entire State of the State address by Governor DeSantis:

How are you surviving the worst inflation in some 40 years under the Biden administration? Biden's Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell just called runaway inflation a "severe threat" to the economy, which it absolutely is. This inflation amounts to a tax on all of us. It's undermining our buying power and causing prices to rise on almost everything. We'll talk about what Powell is saying and we'll share some new polling on how important inflation is to most Americans.

 President Biden was about as amped up and on fire as I've ever heard him Tuesday afternoon, as he spoke in Atlanta and made a passionate, and I think desperate plea for the U.S. Senate to pass voting rights legislation. The President really ripped into Republicans as you'll hear, and finally called for an end to the filibuster, so the Democrats will only need 51 Senate votes, not 60 to ram their legislation through, which would essentially nationalize our elections. Even without the filibuster, I still think this legislation, which I'm totally opposed to, is going down to defeat....another stinging defeat for Biden, who's failing miserably on every major issue.

As the Omicron variant rages, would you purposely try and get COVID, just to get it over with so you can have natural immunity? Believe it or not that's a growing that doctors consider dangerous. Let's talk about it, right here on our "50,000 Watt Front Porch" !

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