Biden and Harris place blame on TRUMP during Capitol Riot memorial

We'll play sound cuts for you from the Biden & Harris Trump bashing January 6th speeches and we'll let you know what Trump and our Governor Ron DeSantis thought about it all.

Biden & Harris speeches

Trump's statement:

DeSantis' comments:

In local news, I'm keeping track of the latest in the high stakes showdown over teacher pay in Orange County. There's already talk of having to shut down schools because so many teachers are calling out sick as the Omicron variant of COVID-19 rages. If the teacher's union isn't satisfied with the county's pay package, could we see even more teachers staying home, resulting in a situation where there aren't enough of them to cover the classes and our schools that just opened after the holidays, are forced to close their doors?

In the wake of former President Trump's regrettable decision to cancel his January 6th news conference from Mar-A-Lago, a couple of hard right House members stepped up to fill the void and give Republicans a voice.  From what I can see, the news conference held by Florida's Matt Gaetz and Georgia's Marjorie Taylor Greene got virtually no media coverage nationally and locally. But fear not, I've got you covered and will tell you what they had to say.

Ted Cruz said what?! Conservatives are up in arms over the Texas Republican Senator sounding like a Democrat by referring to the January 6th assault on the U.S. Capitol as "a violent terrorist attack" ! I'll let you hear that for yourself...and then I'll want to know your reaction, so be ready to call in at 407 916 5400 or hit the text line at 23680 !

 Josh Kapke, the newest member of our Good Morning Orlando team is a huge sports fan and really knows his stuff! In fact, we're so impressed that we've asked Josh to quarterback a whole show segment on sports. Tune in as Josh offers his take on the Tampa Bay Bucs firing Antonio Brown, which NFL games to follow closely on the final weekend of the regular season, his pick to win the college football championship game between Alabama and Georgia, and whether there's any hope for the Orlando Magic, who now own the worst record in the NBA!

FRIDAY FUN ON GOOD MORNING ORLANDO! - GMO wants to know, what's the best thing you watched last year? Could be a sporting event, a TV show, a movie, or a performance of any kind. !

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