Biden says Wear your MASK and Get VAXXED!

With the Omicron variant of COVID-19 surging to record levels across the country and here and Florida, we'll hear President Biden and Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings make their latest pleas to the the anti-vaxxers and the anti-maskers to get the jab and mask up. And we'll ask our unvaccinated listeners and those opposed to masks whether they've gotten the message and if not...why not.

Under the heading of "Stuff That Stinks!"....we have 2 entries for you:

*Another legal victory for disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He's just learned he won't be prosecuted for sexual harassment. This after he recently escaped prosecution for all those nursing home deaths on his watch. To me this wreaks of power politics being successfully played by a sleazy guy with friends in high places! What do you think?

*We'll look at the fiasco along a stretch of I-95 in Virginia where snow and ice left thousands of people stuck on the interstate in freezing cold for the better part of an entire day.  Where was Democrat Governor Ralph Northam? Where were the cops and the emergency rescue crews? How could this have happened and who is to blame? Some are blaming Republican Governor-elect Glenn Younkin, which I find interesting, as Youngkin doesn't take office until January 15th. This whole thing stinks!

Governor DeSantis may be passionately committed to keeping our schools open through the pandemic no matter what, but Orange County has just opened the door to a possible school shutdown. I'll explain how this might come about and how other Florida school districts could well follow suit for the same reason!

Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O'Neill joins on what's behind America's ongoing "Great Resignation" which has seen 4.5 million workers quit or change jobs in a single month!

More woes for old Joe! The latest poll on Biden's job performance is out, and the numbers are worse than ever!

We're joined by Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Mike Bower with the latest on an out of control Russian rocket high above that's about to come down. How did this situation develop and where do scientists think this thing will hit when it plummets back to Earth?

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