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BREAKING NEWS: The Orange County Public School System has just mandated that starting Tuesday, all teachers and all other adults working for the schools or visiting wear masks. Masks on students are being encouraged, but cannot be mandated, as per legislation promoted by Governor DeSantis and passed during the November Special session of the Florida Legislature. How's this going to fly with the teachers? Do our listeners with kids in school wish masks could be mandated for all students...or not?

It's our first "Good Morning Orlando" show of 2022, and while no one knows for certain what the future holds, we're going to share some of the things we're sure will come true in '22. Listen, and let us know what you think of our predictions. And better yet, hit the phones and the text line and let us know what you think is sure to come true in '22 !

We have 4 entries for you in our "Weird, Wild Stuff" file:

*Governor DeSantis weighs in on the controversy surrounding left-wing wacko Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez ripping his policies on a regular basis, yet caught living it up over the holidays while on vacation, where? Wait for it.....right here in Florida!

*AOC's home state of New York is playing a COVID race card against whites, as they give preferential treatment to people of color when it comes to getting access to the new COVID  pills that are in short supply!

*Does Tampa Bay Buc's former star wide receiver Antonio Brown deserve condemnation or compassion after ripping off the top half of his uniform, running out of the stadium and abandoning his team in the middle of Sunday's game? I'm really conflicted on that question, but as you will hear, the Buc's quarterback Tom Brady is not.l

*And, believe it or not, doctors appear to have saved a woman's life, by pulling her out of a long COVID coma with a massive dose of Viagara! Join us for full details on this incredible story!

We'll play some extended sound cuts from Governor Ron DeSantis' first news conference of the new year. A lot of his focus was on COVID and the Omicron variants that is surging in Florida right now. You'll be lucky to hear 15 seconds of what DeSantis had to say on any other media outlet in Central Florida, but not so here on Newsradio WFLA! I watched every second of our governor speaking in Fort Lauderdale and came away with the impression that he continues to be, oh, so right on just about everything he's doing to deal with the pandemic! Listen to what

DeSantis had to say and let us know what you think!

  • With so much attention on COVID and the Omicron variant, we thought you'd like to get some insights from one of our top health and medical experts, and that's why we'll be talking LIVE with Dr. Ken Kronhaus. Doc joins us for a special House Call, here on the "50,000 Watt front Porch" with his take on where things stand with the seemingly endless pandemic, and what lies ahead.
  • Alan and Attorney Tom Olsen bring us their first 2022 edition of "Olsen on Law" with the focus on what happens if you die in Florida without having a will. Does the state get your money?

We'll wrap up our first 2022 edition of "Good Morning Orlando" by talking LIVE with Tom Sullivan, one of the top conservative radio voices in the country, and host of "The Tom Sullivan Show", which expands to three hours a day from 3 to 6pm weekdays, beginning today, right here on Newsradio WFLA Orlando!

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