What's Next for Kyle Rittenhouse?

Governor DeSantis wants the Florida Legislature to approve a billion dollar gasoline tax holiday. With gasoline prices under the Biden administration now at their highest point in years, DeSantis wants to take a billion dollars out of the state treasury to fund a temporary suspension of the 26.5 cent state tax on every gallon of gas we buy. I think it's a brilliant move politically, as we move toward the 2022 elections. All Floridians, regardless of their politics will know they have Ron Desantis to thank for getting a break from sky high prices at the pump! We'll look at how much you'd save if the gas tax holiday gets passed, which I predict it will.


Today a Florida judge exonerated four young black men, the so-called "Groveland Four", in the 1949 rape of a white woman. Here are a couple of links to this dark chapter in Florida's racist past, which we'll talk about on Tuesday's show.



We'll have the very latest on the Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas parade massacre and the career accused of driving his car at high speeds through the heart of the parade, killing at least five people and injuring nearly 50 more. The questions we'll address: why was Darrell Brooks on this side of the prison bars, and why was his bail set so low for his latest crime that he was able to buy his freedom?



We'll play highlights from Kyle Rittenhouse's interview with FOX's Tucker Carlson, Monday night.



Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O'Neill will join us to talk about the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial now moving toward a verdict in Georgia.


We return to the Kyle Rittenhouse story to ask what should this young man do with the rest of his life now that he's been found not guilty in the shooting death of two men who attacked him in Kenosha, Wisconsin? His lawyer thinks he should change his name, move away and quietly start a new life. Others think he should file a slew of defamation lawsuits against President Biden and all the media outlets that wrongly branded him a white supremacist. Some in the Republican Party seem interested in having Rittenhouse become a spokesman for conservative causes. What do you think Kyle Rittenhouse should do?

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