Rising Gas Prices and the Biden Train Wreck

All aboard the "Biden Train wreck Express"! The President's COVID vaccine mandate is on the ropes, and under attack from all sides! We'll explain how OSHA, the federal workplace safety agency has been forced by court order to suspend the mandate! In addition, Florida's special legislative session is on the road to passing multiple bills that will counter Biden's vaccine mandate. And, Republicans in Congress are banding together to support a resolution against the vaccine mandate. We'll give you all the details on our Thursday edition of "Good Morning Orlando", starting at 6 AM !




On Wednesday's show I gave you my "Gas Bud" update on local gasoline prices at most stations spiking overnight to $3.35 for a gallon of regular. That's the highest we've seen in years. Now, President Biden is blaming the oil companies, but they are firing back and blaming Biden and his anti-fossil fuel/ Go Green policies! We'll give you our take on whose to blame for these sky high prices at the pump, and we'll ask who you think is to blame!



The more I've followed the news on triple murder suspect Kevin Torres, the more I've realized we need to be talking about this guy and his criminal history. 7 felony convictions, 46 arrests, a long history of mental illness in his history and he's still walking among us free....free to kill !? How is that possible...who is to blame...what needs to change so law abiding citizens are protected from people like this?!


We'll put the spotlight on the U.S. Capitol where House Democrats are censuring Arizona Republican Paul Gosar for his ad that depicts the murder of AOC and an attack on the President. Yes, the ad's bad, but not as bad as what the Democrats' policies are doing to our country, on every issue you can name from inflation to the southern border! Also, we'll talk about the prison sentence for the most recognizable figure during the January 6th assault on the Capitol. The guy wearing the horns on his head and known as Qanon Shaman has been given 41 months in the slammer. 



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