Florida's Special Session to Ban Vaccine Mandates

Join us for a look at two important stories making news:

*What happened at Monday's start of the Florida Legislature's Special Session on vaccine mandates? What legislation is being proposed? Can it protect Florida from the heavy hand of President Biden's vaccine mandate under OSHA without crippling Florida businesses which have decided they need a fully vaccinated work force in order to survive the pandemic?




*We'll hear defiant words from one-time Trump adviser Steve Bannon as he surrenders to authorities to face contempt of Congress charges for refusing to testify about the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol. I realize some of our listeners are glad Bannon has defied a congressional subpoena, but I'm not. Bannon's super smart, great on his feet and tough as nails. He's one of those Trump supporters I'd love to see rip into that House select committee that's trying to destroy Trump and everyone who served on his White House team. 


What's happening in Biden-ville since the last time we paid a visit?

*He's just signed the $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill to much fanfare outside the White House. My biggest problems with this bill- more government spending will further fans the flames of inflation, which are already out of control and amounts a huge tax on every American! And, barely 10% of the money in the bill will go toward building and repairing roads and bridges. Everything else is liberal pork as far as I'm concerned! 

*Also, Biden wants the Democrat controlled Congress to approve tax breaks for local media. Do you see what a dangerous idea that is? If the President gets what he wants, what local news operation is going to criticize politicians who cut their taxes!


As the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings is once again eyeing a one penny sales tax hike for roads and other transportation needs. Instead of burdening resident with higher taxes, how about tapping into the hotel tourist tax revenues instead? Right now, using that big pot of money for anything other than tourist related needs is prohibited by law, but a bill has been filed in the State Legislature that could change that, and I support it. How about you? 


Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O'Neill joins us LIVE with the latest on closing arguments in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial up in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Then, we'll debate whether Rittenhouse should be convicted or acquitted, and the threats of violence in Kenosha and elsewhere if the jury fails to convict the teenager whose claim of self-defense seems totally legitimate to me!



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