Florida Needs Teachers!

Following up on Governor DeSantis' education agenda for January's legislative session, we're going to focus on Florida's teacher shortage and the best way to end it. The Governor plans to raise teacher pay and offer another round of $1,000 bonuses, but I've checked the statistics, and even that would leave Florida teacher salaries near the bottom among the 50 states.

I'll have a comparison of what we're paying our teachers compared to other key states, and make the case that the best way to keep good teachers and attract good new teachers is to raise their salaries substantially...somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 to $20,000 dollars a year. I know...that's a big jump....but take a deep breath and tell us what you think teachers should be making!


If Trump referred to a black person as a "negro", it would lead every newscast in America, right?!  Well, as we'll hear, Biden just did that during a Veterans Day speech, and where's the outrage?!


And, we'll also hear Vice President Harris faking a French accent while in France. I'm sure that'll do wonders for her 28% approval rating!


In the wake of the recent murder of Orlando resident Miya Marcano, plans are in the works for "Miya's Law", which would mandate improvements in apartment security throughout the state. We'll have details on the proposed legislation, and debate what changes need to be made to make apartment living as safe as it can be.



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