Colin Powell, Chi-Com Missiles and Casey DeSantis' Breast Cancer Battle

In the wake of Colin Powell dying from COVID, though fully vaccinated, many anti-vaxxers are claiming this is further proof that the vaccines don't work. Will this further impede efforts to get more people vaccinated? Should it? We'll discuss and debate with our listeners.

A hypersonic missile with nuclear capability has reportedly been tested by Communist China on a super high speed low orbit flight around the world. Some U.S. military experts are calling this a wake up call for the Biden Administration, because the U.S. has no defense for this new weapon! We'll talk about the ramifications of what the Chi-Coms have reportedly come up with and what the U.S. should do in response.

Vaccine mandates. In an interview that airs tonight, former President Trump says if he were still in office, there would be no need for vaccine mandates, because he would be able to "sell" the vaccine hesitant and convince them to get the shots. Based on the feedback we get on our show, I doubt even Trump could convince many of the anti-vaxxers, but we'll ask them to respond to Trump's claim that he could change their minds.

We'll hear Casey Desantis speak for the first time on her fight against breast cancer.

Dr. David Klein joins us LIVE, on Colin Powell dying from COVID complications despite being fully vaccinated. Does it raise legitimate concerns about the effectiveness of the vaccines, or were Powell's advanced age and other serious health issues just prove to be too much for his immune system to handle, even with protection from the vaccines? He'll also give us his latest take on the state of the pandemic and what the future may hold.

Tuesday's a big day at Walt Disney World, as the new Genie and Genie+ features are unveiled. They promise to make visiting the theme parks more convenient and enjoyable than ever, allowing super quick access to the rides. We'll explain how the Genie system works and how folks feel about the extra charge for using Genie +. Is it a good deal, or another money grab by Mickey?

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