DeSantis Vs Biden - Vaccine Mandates or NOT?

Bold action on the vaccine mandate front from Governor DeSantis late today! He is vowing that Florida will sue President Biden over his plans to force private sector employers to mandate COVID vaccines and fire workers who refuse the shots. In addition, Desantis wants to get a law passed by the Republican controlled legislature that would enable workers in Florida to sue their employer if they are fired for refusing to get vaccinated, or coerced in any way to get the shots. Here's the latest:

Two entries in the Budman's Believe It Or Not File:

*Biden, who's done all he can to try and cripple the fossil fuel industry, is now begging U.S. oil companies to lower their prices! Will they? Should they?

*Newly released documents show the Biden Administration has been lying about how many illegal aliens have gotten across our southern border and been released into our country this year.

The actual figure is in the neighborhood of 160,000, just since March! And now, with the door wide open, we have the mother of all caravans headed our way....some 60,000 migrants coming up from Central America.

In the wake of the resignation of Las Vegas Raiders head football coach John Gruden over his racist and homophobic e-mails, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is calling for the private e-mails of other NFL coaches and executives to be made public. While there's no defending Gruden's e-mails, I think there are personal privacy rights to be considered here. Do you agree with what Carr's calling for, or not? 

We'll talk Florida politics from two angles:

*How Republicans have closed the voter registration gap with the Democrats...what it means for the 2022 midterms and beyond, and how Hispanics are gravitating toward the GOP and driving this exciting trend!

*As we've been discussing, Lake County's Republican Party wants an Arizona style forensic audit of Florida's 2020 election results, even though Trump won our state. Now, Governor DeSantis has decided there will be no such audit. Is this the right call or the wrong call?

The Looney Left File- Halloween edition! 

I didn't now Halloween had a racial component to it until a school in Seattle, Washington decided to cancel their Halloween parade. Their reason- black males don't celebrate Halloween and would be made to feel uncomfortable if the parade were held. Really?! I think this is pure left wing lunacy! What do you think?

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