Cancel Columbus Day? Rick Scott wants you to Work!

In the wake of Friday's horrendous jobs report ... (500,000 new jobs predicted...fewer than 200,000 created) we ask why it is that we have 11 million jobs open in this country, countless companies crying out for more workers, and yet millions of jobs remain unfilled? Is it fear of getting COVID? Is it fear of vaccine mandates? Or, as I believe, is the biggest problem all the government programs under Biden and the Democrats that let you get paid for not working?

It's Columbus Day, but thanks to the left, celebrations are few and far between. The anti-Columbus movement has gotten to the point that I don't even see any Columbus Day sales from the big retail outlets and the car dealers. During Monday's show, I'll share some Columbus Day history and make the case that Christopher Columbus ought to be celebrated, not vilified, and that

Columbus Day should not be replaced by Indigenous Peoples Day!

Remember recently when Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings caved and dropped his threat to fire firefighters who refused to get vaccinated for COVID as he had demanded? Demings knew he couldn't get away with leaving the people of the county unprotected. Well, now we have hundreds of thousands in the U.S. military who, so far, are defying President Biden's vaccine mandate for everyone in the military. There's talk of punishment ranging up to discharge from the service for those who refuse to get their shots. With our enemies around the world already seeing Biden as a weak Commander in Chief, would he really risk discharging huge numbers of unvaccinated troops and gutting the military?!

From the Budman's Believe It Or Not File, we'll hear from Vice President Kama Harris, gushing to a bunch of school kids about outer space, while top members of the Biden administration

are holding important border negotiations in Mexico! Wait a minute! Isn't Kamala supposed to be in charge of the border and working to determine the root causes of illegal immigration?!

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