Florida Board of Education penalizes Orange County and more

The Florida Board of Education is penalizing Orange County and seven other counties for mandating masks on school kids in violation of state law. We'll debate whether the penalties, which involve withholding some money, are appropriate or too heavy handed. Also, as COVID cases continue to drop, Orange County school officials are considering some changes in their policies. What changes would you like them to make?


If you're angry about gasoline prices which have suddenly crashed through the $3 dollar a gallon barrier across Central Florida and are destined to go higher...probably a lot higher...I'll explain why you can blame Biden and the go-green Democrats!


With serious crimes surging in city after city, the Republican National Committee has just put out a video that's nothing but 7 solid minutes of top Democrats demanding police departments be defunded! Talk about being on the wrong wide of an issue with the American people! Wait 'til you hear this!


Scary stuff! Remember that pedestrian bridge that collapsed in Miami a few years ago, killing a bunch of people trapped beneath it in their cars? That's all I could think of when I read the audit just published by Orange County which shows many such bridges here are not being inspected or maintained as they should be! We'll talk about how this could happen and who is to blame.



We'll close out the week on Good Morning Orlando by asking you to weigh in on whether it's time to consider dropping all COVID mandates for masks and vaccines? I think the strongest case for that may be all the football stadiums in Florida that are packed week after week with screaming fans! There's hardly a mask and yet we are not seeing the super spreader events many had predicted. We have more Floridians than ever who've been vaccinated, and more people than ever who've gotten COVID and now have antibody protection. Coronavirus cases are plummeting. Are we on the threshold of the herd immunity that will put the pandemic behind us? If so, is it time to drop all the mandates and get our freedom back? Join us to talk about it, and then go scream for your favorite team!


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