DOJ takes on School Board Meeting Violence!

The Marine who posted videos demanding our military and civilian leadership be held accountable for the botched and tragic withdrawal from Afghanistan is now facing a court martial. Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller has already lost his career and spent time in the brig. Is putting him on trial appropriate, or is it overkill? Feels like overkill to me! What do you think?

The Biden train wrecks just keep on coming. Now the President's so called health and medical experts can't agree on whether COVID booster shots ought to be made available to everyone who got their shots earlier in the pandemic. I thought that was the plan, especially with all the evidence that antibody protection from the vaccines is expiring for millions of Americans, leaving them vulnerable to the virus. What's the problem here? We'll talk about it.

I'll share some new polling on Biden, Trump and DeSantis. Verrrrrry say the least! Take a look:

Why is the Orlando Sentinel reporting that the Lake County Republican Party wants a forensic audit of the November 2020 election results, when Trump clearly won Lake County and the entire state of Florida? We'll ask our guest, Lake County GOP Chairman Walter Price, who'll join us live.

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