Bud is Back! Biden's Border and Facebook's Whistleblower!

Governor Ron DeSantis has fired back at Biden's Justice Department and Attorney General Merritt Garland for their new order to investigate parents who've been protesting local school board policies ranging from teaching critical race theory to requiring masks on kids during the pandemic. I don't know about you, but I don't think the federal government ought to have any role in any education disputes at the local level. It's a total overreach! Parents have a right to protest decisions being made that impact their kids,  and if a parent threatens violence against anyone on a school board, local law enforcement should handle it.

 Biden's Train wreck Express!  3 entries:

*Biden and the left wing Democrats in Congress have hit a brick wall in their efforts to pass their $3.5 trillion dollar socialist agenda. We'll update where things stand.

 *It's not just impoverished Haitians coming across our border, it's terrorists! We'll hear from the border patrol chief ousted by Biden.


*Biden's IRS wants the power to examine any bank account you have with a balance of $600 dollars or more. I say it's none of their business!


Florida schools are seeing more and more serious threats on the part of students. We'll focus on the latest threat by a student to kill everybody in her school, and to try and get off the hook by insisting she was only "playing". How tough should we be on these kids? Join our debate.



 We'll focus on Tuesday's explosive testimony before Congress by a former Facebook executive turned whistleblower. She claims the social media giant is doing enormous damage to millions of children by allowing their platforms to promote material and messages that are highly addictive and lead to destructive behavior. If you've got kids or grand kids, please join us as we discuss what, if anything, needs to be done about Facebook.


  With COVID still a serious problem across the U.S. will it be safe this Christmas for you gather with your family and friends? President Biden's top health guru, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked that question on Sunday, and then again on Monday, and, as you will hear, he did a total one-eighty in just 24 hours!  What's the deal with that, and how do you plan to handle Christmas this year?



Breaking last night: Zuckerberg's response to whistleblower's testimony:


Lake County GOP wants Arizona style election audit...even though Trump got 60% of Lake County vote and won Florida 51-48% !


Mike Bianchi, from our Brother Station 96.9 the Game (and many others now) want Jags head coach urban Meyer fired. Check out the story ..and be sure to view the two videos within it.


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