DeSantis to Ditch FSA and Common Core in Public Schools

Governor DeSantis has been a lightning rod of late for his stance on COVID issues like masks and vaccines, but today, he made an announcement on education that everyone seems to like! He plans to scrap the annual end of school year Florida Standards Assessment test in favor of what's called Progress Monitoring. We'll hear from the Governor, Education Secretary Richard Corcoran, a teacher and a parent, and we'll ask our listeners how they feel about the big change, which still has to be approved by the Florida Legislature.

Here are a couple of good pieces to get you up to speed on this important story:

Bob Woodward's out with a new book "Peril", which, not surprisingly, spends a lot of time trashing Trump. However, I've got a huge problem with what Woodward writes about the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley. He reportedly called the Communist Chinese because we was worried that Trump was so unhinged over losing the election that he might launch some kind of attack or even hit the nuke button! Senator Marco Rubio's calling for Milley to be fired by President Biden over what Woodward's reporting. We'll talk about it and see what you think.

The grilling of Blinken, part 2. Democrats joined Republicans in ripping into Secretary of State Antony Blinken for the Afghanistan debacle. We'll play key sound cuts, including Blinken's response to a question about who's really in charge at the White House!

A smorgasbord of some of our hottest talk topics. Among them:

*Orange County, readying a lawsuit if DeSantis starts fining the county for mandating vaccines for all its employees.

*General Milley's power grab.

*The California recall election results.

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