DeSantis and $5K Vaccine Mandate Fines and Blinken testifies on the Hill

We'll hear Governor DeSantis put the hammer down on local Florida governments, like Orange County, which are mandating that employees be vaccinated against COVID or lose their jobs. DeSantis says they are violating Florida law and will face $5,000 fines for each employee terminated, potentially racking up millions of dollars in fines. Orange County mayor Jerry Demings says his vaccine mandate for county employees is just him fulfilling his responsibility to keep people safe, and that he doesn't know why the Governor doesn't see it that way.

My questions to our team and our listeners: who's side are you on in this vaccine mandate issue? If DeSantis slaps local governments with these massive fines, how will he enforce it and collect the money? If he does collect the money and local governments go bankrupt as a result, will DeSantis be committing political suicide because local services and quality of life will be impacted for Republicans as well as Democrats?

It's B.A.D...Biden's Afghanistan Debacle. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is being grilled today on Capitol Hill. We'll play some key sound cuts, debate how he did, and discuss the continuing fallout from the botched withdrawal.

Rory O'Neill joins us on Tuesday's California recall election. Will Democrat Governor Newsom keep his job, or will he be thrown out and replaced, perhaps by Republican conservative radio talk show host, Larry Elder, or someone else among the nearly 50 candidates. Rory predicts the outcome and explains how this crazy recall system works.

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