Monday Morning Quarterbacks

Reflections on the weekend commemoration of the 9-11 attacks of 20 years ago. Our Good Morning Orlando team weighs in on what we liked and didn't like, and, of course, we want to hear from our listeners. Among the questions we'll discuss and debate: why no speech from President Biden? I think the deadly debacle that was his withdrawal from Afghanistan had everything to do with that. 

Who was former President Bush talking about in his Shanksville speech when he denounced domestic extremists? Antifa, those who assaulted the Capitol on January 6th....or ?!

Why did former President Trump avoid Ground Zero, and what did he say when he visited a nearby fire station and police precinct?

Also, why does the newly released FBI 9-11 document seem to avoid implicating the Saudi government in the terrorist attacks? Are we really supposed to believe the Saudi royal family had nothing to do with it? I don't and never have!

Over the weekend there seemed to be so much public longing for the kind of unity we experienced in the days and weeks following the 9-11 terrorist attacks. So, here's my question: what would it take to have us experience that kind of unity again? Would even, God forbid, another massive attack do it? I'm not at all sure it would. What do you think?

There's lots of COVID news to talk about. The number of cases in Florida continue to drop sharply. Will that trend continue or not?

In the mask mandate tug of war between Governor DeSantis and Florida school boards , a judge has given the Governor a victory...for now.

 Also, what do you think about DeSantis returning fire after Biden ripped him over his opposition to vaccine mandates in the workplace? We'll also hear Biden's press secretary Jen Psaki flat out refuse to explain why working Americans should be required to be vaccinated, when illegal aliens crossing our border have no vaccine mandate!

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