Never let a good crisis go to waste!

Biden spent today visiting storm ravaged areas of NYC and NJ, offering government and aid and comfort to the victims. BUT, he also, as we'll hear, he was clearly using the aftermath of the crisis to push his climate change agenda...and massive infrastructure and Green New Deal spending. Questions to debate: Is Ida a sign of climate change or just a bad storm whose remnants combined with a cold front to dump huge amounts of rain? Do we have it within our power to affect climate change by throwing trillions of dollars at the issue? And should we go down the road Biden and the Democrats wants us to go down, when we know the Chinese and the Russians will not be joining us in spending ourselves into oblivion on climate change measures.

A new study finds most parents of school children really do not want their kids in school right now because of the resurgent pandemic. Do parents listening to us feel that way...but have no viable choice, because options are so limited this year?

Let's throw our audience some red meat and give Dr Fauci a good going over. New FOI documents have been released that seem to show the U.S. funded  gain of function research at the Chi Com's Wuhan lab, where Covid-19 was created and released. Fauci keep denying that. There are calls for Fauci to resign or be fired. Are they justified?

COVID free/Afghanistan free segment - Future World! A super rich guy has plans to create an elaborate new city somewhere in America....but he's trying to figure out where to put it. Any ideas? I've got a couple.

B.A.D. update - Biden's Afghanistan Debacle- 2 entries

*The Taliban form their new government...with the head guy on the FBI's terrorist list...and four out of the five guys Obama's traded for Bowe Bergdahl also in the starting lineup.

*Latest on the Americans left behind.

$5,000 signing bonuses for new cops. That's what DeSantis was pitching today. I'm a bit conflicted on this. Yes, I want us to attract good people to police work....but how will the cops already on the beat feel when the newbies get 5K...while they've been risking their lives for years and only got a $1K bonus last year?

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