Is Biden's Presidency in a Freefall?

Focus on Americans and Afghans still left behind in Afghanistan. There are reports the U.S. State Department...not the blocking relief flights from leaving Afghanistan.

500 Americans still stranded?

Also, a look at how the Biden administration is failing all across the board.

The Central Florida File - 2 entries

*The decorated Marine now charged with murdering 4 in Polk County. How do you stop a guy who may have had PTSD from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but had no criminal history, and until just days before the apparently random killings had not been behaving erratically?

*Update on the DeBary Diner, where they put up a sign saying those who back Biden and his Afghanistan policy are not welcome. They got so much business they ran out of food and had to close...but are now reopen.

Dr. Klein joins us with Bud's latest COVID antibody test his take on the latest COVID news.

A look at the best and the worst of holiday weekend sports - 2 entries

The best - McKenzie Milton's amazing performance for FSU when he came in during the 4th quarter of the Notre Dame game

The worst - Top ranked tennis star Naomi Osaka shows poor sportsmanship while losing in the U.S. Open. She smashes racquets, whacks a ball into the crowd on purpose...then held a tearful press conference where she said she doesn't know when she'll play again. Why is she getting a total pass on her outrageous behavior on the suspension? Oh, I forgot...she's a woman, a minority and she has mental health hands off Naomi ! Sorry, doesn't work for me! Melissa thinks I am being callous about mental health issues, although she did say that the Line Umpire was female and never even gave Osaka a warning for poor sportsmanship on the court.

Have Americans just given up on fighting COVID? Jam packed social distancing...hardly any masks. Labor Day weekend travel at pre-pandemic levels. Schools about to open across the rest of the country. Has COVID fatigue finally become too much to bear? Are we to the point where we really don't care how many get sick and how many die?

Did you miss Budman and the Foxx having it out about Naomi Osaka? Follow our Podcast/Broadcast and never miss out again!

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