Rand Paul vs Dr. Fauci - again!

We'll talk about the full court press by the Biden White House to persuade the unvaccinated to get the shots. We'll hear Dr Fauci's appeal...and in a curious development, apparently the White House has been leaning heavily on the FOX network to get their popular show hosts to promote the vaccines...which, surprisingly, Sean Hannity did Monday night, as we'll hear.

I wonder if Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham will follow suit tonight....and, would make a difference to our listeners dug against getting vaccinated....or not.


A long day of meetings on whether there ought to be additional Orlando area stops along the Brightline train, now planning to run from Miami to OIA, Disney and Tampa. Universal, it is reported, may chip in money to get a stop near them. And there's talk of a stop along I-Drive by the Convention Center. We'll discuss the latest and what's the best scenario.


The big Senate hearing showdown today between Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci. Their feud and name calling got ratcheted up to a whole new level today. We'll roll some extended sound and comment on who got the best of it. Conservative media claims Paul buried Fauci. The libs say the opposite.


 Kids and COVID. I thought we should explore some agonizing questions and agonizing decisions parents are, or likely will be facing, as the COVID-19 comeback continues and the new school year approaches. Among them, we should be prepared to comment on the following:  ***If you have other tough decisions folks are or may soon be facing if

the COVID comeback continues please pop me a note, okay? Thanks!

*If the Delta variant continues to spread and shows an ability to make kids really sick or even prove fatal, do parents pull their kids out of the face to face learning they've been looking forward to...and put them in virtual school, which was shown to be tough on kids and teachers and not as effective for learning?

 *Even if local school boards stick with a "masks optional" policy...do parents force their kids to wear masks, which every kid I know hates?

 *I'm hearing talk of kids risking the ultimate lifetime guilt trip if they go to school, bring the dangerous Delta variant home, infecting parents and/or grandparents, and one or more of them don't survive. I wonder if the thought of that will cause some to pull their kids out of school altogether if things keep getting worse with the virus.

Michael Bower on the possibility of an 11th hour cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics.


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