DWS calls out DeSantis as COVID Numbers Rise in Florida

COVID comeback update,, ,local, state and national:

local - Orange County now reporting CV cases at the level of last January. Mandates coming? Mandates needed...or not?



State - The politics of the CV resurgence. We'll hear Debbie Wassermann Schultz rip Governor DeSantis for mishandling the pandemic in general and the current surge in particular, saying his 

 policies result in "Death by DeSantis"! And we'll hear DeSantis defend his approach as the best way. Who's right? How will this play politically?



National - The CDC now says all school kids should wear masks regardless whether they're vaccinated or not. How do parents feel about that, so soon after all local school boards voted to make masks optional?


Just as the I-4 Ultimate Project and nearly 7 years of detours and construction approaches completion...along comes former congressman and transportation guru John Mica, reminding us that two more I-4 expansion projects are in the pipeline. Also, Mica seems to be saying, albeit indirectly...that we're all going to pay for these new projects through tax hikes and/or tolls. Reaction from BAM and our listeners.


8 months in prison for the pro-Trump Tampa man who carried a flag onto the floor of the Senate during the Capitol riot in January. Is that a fair sentence or not? An important question,            because this sets a precedent for hundreds of others facing charges from the assault on the Capitol.


 GUEST: We'll talk with Rabbi Yossi Harlig, from the Chabad of Kendall and Pinecrest, an official Miami Dade Police Chaplain. 

He has been with the families in Surfside since June 25. Last week Rabbi Harlig led a multi-faith prayer service for all of the workers and volunteers. 

He said it was one of the most important things he has ever done in his life. We'll ask him about what it's been like for him...for families of the victims.. and for the entire local

community trying to cope with this heartbreaking disaster. THANKS, MELISSA FOR MAKING THE ARRANGEMENTS!


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