DeSantis got it Right! More on the Delta Variant!

BREAKING NEWS: Thursday afternoon - Windermere cop Kevin Tuck and his ex-Apopka cop son, Nathaniel Tuck arrested for their roles in the January 6th assault on the U.S. Capitol.  Here's the latest. We'll talk about it and what punishment is appropriate if they're convicted.

 Free money from the government kills the incentive to work. We've talked about it connection with the federal unemployment benefits DeSantis recently nixed to try and end the severe worker shortage in Florida. A new poll bears out everything I've been saying on this. Here it is:

  Now, Biden's child tax credit checks are arriving....$250- $300 per child, per month through the end of the year. Some experts say this steady infusion of cash will worsen the worker shortage, and I fear they're right. We'll debate it and see what our listeners think.

Dr. David Klein joins us with fresh angles and serious concerns about the surge in coronavirus cases and the highly contagious Delta variant, which is hitting unvaccinated people hard, young people included. Where's all this headed? Nursing home shutdowns, business shutdowns.. what about schools....masks, etc, etc?

For all our patriotic listeners fed up with the way things are going in America these days, we'll play segments of the new top country music hit, "Am I The Only One?". The message

is much so that a couple of word changes will be required. Thanks, Melissa for putting me on to this!

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